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Our Process

AdTract is dedicated to driving your digital advertising success. Our step-by-step process ensures your campaigns are tailored, targeted, and timely. Here’s how we do it:


Goal Setting

Together, we define your campaign objectives. Whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation, or driving sales, your goals are our priority.

Budget Planning

Your budget is key. We’ll guide you in determining an overall and daily budget for each platform, based on our initial research and your financial comfort.

Audience Identification

Who’s your ideal customer? We’ll collaborate with you to pinpoint your target audience, drilling down into demographics, interests, and behaviors for precision targeting.

Platform Selection

We confirm your advertising platforms, ensuring a perfect fit for your goals. This typically includes Google Search, Google Display/Performance Max, and Social Media.

Creative Assembly

Next, we gather your creative assets, like logos, images, videos, and ad copy. We’ll make sure your materials meet each platform’s specifications for maximum impact.

Conversion Tracking

To measure campaign effectiveness, we’ll set up conversion tracking on your website or app. Rest assured that tracking will be properly implemented across all platforms.

Google Search Ads Creation

We’ll use your ad copy and keywords to create targeted text ads for Google Search, setting up ad groups, bids, and budgets tailored to your needs.

Google Display/Performance Max Ads Development

Your display ads will be designed with care, using your provided images, videos, and ad copy. We’ll setup audience targeting and choose strategic placements within the Google Display Network.

Social Media Ads Creation

We’ll craft engaging ads for your selected Social Media platforms. Utilizing your images, videos, and ad copy, we’ll set up ad sets to target your defined audience.

Campaign Launch

With all ads created, targeting set, and budgets allocated, we’ll launch your campaign on all platforms. Your journey to success begins here!

Monitoring & Optimization

Your campaign isn’t set and forget. We’ll regularly analyze performance, adjusting targeting, bids, and ad creative as necessary to ensure optimal results.

Reporting & Evaluation

Transparency is key. We’ll provide regular reports detailing your campaign performance, including key metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions. Let’s discuss potential improvements and evolve together.

With AdTract, your digital advertising journey is always moving forward. Attract, Engage, Convert – let’s do it together!